WM Consulting S.C.F.

WM Consulting is an independent financial advisory company specialized in Biotechnology investments.

Founded in 2003, we support our Private and Institution Clients in choosing the right investments using our proprietary analysis.

We put our long and successful experience in biotech investments at your diposal.

Our Method





Our method is to discover, follow, study and research the best technological platforms and molecules, in order to identify a number of diversified investment opportunities in which we believe. Our advice to clients is to invest in those companies as shareholders and not simply as traders.

Our Knowledge

Our unique expertise is based on both in-depth financial and medical knowledge.

We have a large database of CEOs, scientists, companies and institutions involved in this revolution. Partnerships, mergers and acquisitions are also under constant evaluation.

When advising a portfolio of securities, we diversify according to size, technology, types of diseases in order to be independent of benchmarks.

Our Story

WM Consulting was founded in 2003 as an independent consulting company for private clients. After a long successful track record with private clients, we started working with institutional clients.

In 2012 we became the official advisor of the Multistars WM Biotech, an UCITS investment fund listed in Luxembourg.

In 2015  we advised the Asset Equity Biotech Fund listed in San Marino.

In 2019 WM Consulting received authorization from the Italian OCF (Organismo di vigilanza e tenuta dell'albo unico dei Consulenti Finanziari) to be a licensed SCF (Società di Consulenza Finanziaria).

Our values 

Long experience, independence, transparency is what our customers recognize in us.