Our Biotech Portfolio Strategy

Investment Strategy

Fundamental analysis is the core of our strategy for selecting stocks and defining the proper weight in the portfolio.

We are investors not gamblers: when we believe in a company, we act as a partner of the project.

Our Approach


1. Idea Generation

Screening of medical research

Technological biotech platforms

Tracking skilful biotech people

2. Stock selection

Fundamental analysis

3. Portfolio Allocation

Pre-trade risk analysis

Technological diversification 

Continuous assessment of portfolio robustness.


Required factors in Stock Analysis.


Very important to analyze the number and the quality of molecules under development. The potential market size is important too.

Financial strength

Essential to guarantee the future of the company.

Good Executive Management 

Particular attention to Executive Management. Skillful people are the lifeblood for success.

Strategic Alliances

Alliances with pharmaceutical companies or prestigious Universities are very important. The big pharmaceutical companies guarantee a constant flow of money. Universities give access to young researchers and new projects.

Revenue growth

Sales growth is important to establish the right value of a company. We prefer to focus on revenues. Earnings are often depressed by temporary heavy investments.

Patent Protection

In terms of duration, coverage and remaining time.