Advisory bespoke services

Our advisory service, run by professionals with almost 20 years’ experience in Biotechnology analysis and investments, allows our clients to receive a tailored and detailed service.

Our bespoke biotech services focus on two different types of client, private and institutional clients: in each of these two cases, we always consider the portfolio size, the market ‘momentum’, the risk attitude and other personalized needs based on continuous communication with our clients.

Private customers

WM Consulting is the ideal partner for all those who want a highly specialized service to make investments in the biotechnology sector and in particular in BioPharma.

Usually our consulting service targets entrepreneurs, managers, freelancers, financial advisors, private bankers and family offices.

The customers (pursuant to Article 18 Ter of Legislative Decree 24 February 1998, No. 58 of the TUF), do not physically entrust us with money, but operate through their usual bank. Customers benefit from our independent financial consulting service, which includes:

- sending personalized recommendations aimed at creating the portfolio;

- constant monitoring over time and adjustments to the portfolio;

- sending detailed reports.

We focus not only on financial results, but also on transferring to the client all the information needed to understand our proposal, as well as building a relationship of mutual trust over time, which is a key aspect of the success of the investment.

It's a bit like a long sailing trip: the bad weather will come sooner or later, the important thing is to know that you have chosen an excellent ship and have on board a highly prepared crew.


WM Consulting offers a service dedicated to institutional customers, such as banks, SIM, SGR and SICAV that need to have adequate support for investments in the biotech sector.

Biotechnology, as an asset class is becoming an important factor in the strategy of portfolios for institutions, management, cash management and funds.

Investing independently in single securities is very risky, given the peculiarity of the sector that requires financial, but also medical knowledge of the securities.

WM Consulting is a consultant for market analysis, stock selection, and portfolio construction.

Our advisory service is made up of professionals with about 20 years’ experience in Biotechnology analysis and investments that allow our clients to receive a bespoke service.

Our services are designed to satisfy different types of clients: we are able to serve private and institutional clients considering the portfolio size, the market ‘momentum’, the risk attitude and other personalized needs.